#BEDM - 30th: Not long to go now...

This morning several Brownie leaders and other volunteers met at the venue where tomorrow we're holding our Big Brownie Birthday Stay Away.  It's a sleepover to celebrate the Brownie centenary, and we're extending it slightly to have a full day of activities on the Saturday as well.

I know my Brownies and their parents appreciate the hard work and time that goes into planning and organising events such as this, we don't just turn up at 9am on the morning of the event and click our fingers to make the event suddenly happen!  Here are a few photos from setting up this morning...

Over 150 mugs all wrapped in cellophane and then put in gift bags, along with event badges.  The crafts the girls make should fit in here as well.

This was an early stage in the process of stringing up bunting...there is a lot of bunting!  

More mugs in gift bags.  These are for the adult helpers.

More bunting!  This was designed by the Brownies attending the event.

Can't beat a bit of bunting!

Here's a box of craft materials ready to go out on one of the tables...aren't these spoons adorable?!

More bunting.  I told you there was a lot!

We left the venue shortly after lunchtime, and will be back there at about 7.45 tomorrow morning to do the last minute bits and pieces before the Brownies arrive.  I am hoping the girls are looking forward to it as much as I am!


  1. Hi there...I found your blog via a comment you left on Tales From a Happy House blog. I have really enjoyed reading your posts, especially your posts about girl guiding as I am a brownie leader too! The bunting in this post is so nice! This sounds like a fantastic event you all organised with lots of fun activities for the girls. I am intrigued by the spoons...and curious to know what the brownies would be making with those? Anyway, it's nice to find a fellow brownie leader! I have never blogged about anything I do at brownies or girl guiding my blog before but maybe I will now...
    Marianne xx

    1. Welcome, fellow Brownie leader! Are you an owl too? I must get round to writing the blog post about the Stay Away, and we had our County Star Quest event this month too, so lots of Guiding stuff to write about! The wooden spoons we turned into a cute and simple craft...the finished object is on top of the box of spoons. And you can't beat a bit of bunting!


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