#BEDM - 22nd: The countdown begins...

Very very soon my division will be holding our Stay Away event, an activity day plus sleepover to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday - we're 100, don't you know!  We've got our final planning meeting tonight, and whilst it is all definitely coming together, it's always those little niggly bits that are left to do!

  • We need tea and coffee for adults, how much do we need to buy? Enough, obviously, but how much is that?  Also, how many toilet rolls are we buying?
  • People have been buying items and need reimbursing, do we have a running total (approximately) so we know what's left in the budget?  If we're under budget (woo hoo!) what can we use that surplus for?
  • Is the car parking sorted? We've got a staggered start time, so girls from different units arrive at a specific time.  Is this organised in terms of parents knowing where to go when, what to do if they're early, or can't find an adult they recognise?
  • Do the Brownies know the real name of at least one of their leaders?  It is no use for a lost Brownie to look for 'Brown Owl'!  We do have a system of identifying the girls (highlighting any medical issues etc), has this been checked and double checked?
  • Did anyone actually decide what flavour ice creams we were ordering? (Quality control was undertaken at the last meeting.)
  • Do we have enough fairy lights?
I love planning events, especially residential events, and organising this one has been fun.  But oh my goodness, it's the final push at the end!  I just know that before too long my hallway will start filling up with bags and boxes as I begin packing.  It's amazing just how much stuff you need for a 24hr event!

Hopefully the Brownies (and leaders!) will love it, and that's why we do it.

I ought to go and make a cake...can't have a planning meeting without cake!


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