#BEDM - 24th: Things We Do For Girlguiding

Our Division Stay Away event is getting closer and closer...we've had our final planning meeting, finalised all those last minute bits and pieces and established we have enough tea bags for each adult to have 4.44444444 cups of tea during the event (we're buying another box, to be on the safe side).

Now we've got all the important elements sorted, we can work on prettifying things up a little bit.  We've ordered souvenir mugs, and they arrived a few weeks ago.  Thinking that mugs can be fragile, we decided to wrap them up to protect them.  It seemed a good idea at the time!  So this morning, I went round to Wise Owl's house and we set up a production line to wrap each mug.  Wise Owl had been very organised and so had already wrapped each mug in thin foam.  All we needed to do was add cellophane and ribbon!

Here's a photo of the dining room table as we started...laden with mugs, and a mug of tea!

We had a large roll of cellophane in a pretty spring green colour with white spots, and peachy pink ribbon.  A production line was set up, a pile of cellophane cut to the right size, ribbon cut to the right length, and lots of bits of sticky tape on the edge of a box ready for use.

Here's a photo of the first three I did...getting better as I went along!

Look, there are more!

The Brownies are getting mugs which aren't personalised, but the leaders are getting mugs with their names on, as an additional thank you.  These needed additional labelling so at the event it's easy to set up with each leader having their own mug as well as the right number of mugs for the Brownies they have with them.

After about two hours, several cups of tea and a mini apple pie (haven't had one of those for ages!) we had finished packaging up all the mugs.  We packed them into boxes as we went, and I do love this photo of the mugs, they look like lettuces!

It was a very pleasant morning, catching up on news and Guiding stuff whilst packaging the mugs.  I do hope the Brownies like them!


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