#BEDM - 2nd: 5 favourite blog posts

Today's question: what are your five favourite posts on your blog?

As my blog is only a few months old, I don't have a vast archive from which to choose posts.  However, there are already some posts that are particularly special and important.  I've chosen four, rather than the suggested five, as these were the ones I thought of as I was writing this post:

  • One of my favourite posts has to be about my viva.  It was the oral examination for my PhD, and two examiners asked me questions about my research in order to decide whether to award me with a doctorate.  Thankfully, I passed (with minor corrections, I have three months in which to change a few things) and so as soon as the paperwork is finished, I can officially call myself Dr!  I'll be heading straight to the bank to change my cards, I think it will be a while before the novelty wears off.

  • 2014 is the Big Brownie Birthday, celebrating 100 years of the Brownie section of Girlguiding. In January, I went to Funtastic! at Butlins, an event for several thousand Brownies which was absolutely brilliant!  I love residentials anyway, they're possibly my favourite thing about Girlguiding, and events like this are fantastic.  My Brownies are already asking me when the next one will be!

  • I have always loved learning, and since finishing my PhD and job hunting (please, someone employ me!) I've been making sure I've been developing my skills and trying new things.  It keeps me busy!  In February I knitted some socks.  I was so proud that I'd managed to knit a pair!  In fact, I've since made several pairs.  One pair I gave to a friend for her birthday, she loved them and I said if she loved them that much, I'd make her another pair for Christmas.  She asked for a pinkish pair (the first was shades of blues and greens) and I've got the wool ready to knit at some point.  I love it when I enjoy making something and the recipient enjoys what I've made.  Very satisfying.

  • I learned to crochet partly because I've always admired crocheted blankets.  As I learned using Attic24's tutorials, it was inevitable that before too long I would have a growing collection of blankets.  They're all a bit different, and I love them all.  As the weather is getting warmer, I find during the night that I kick my blanket off the bed, and just have my duvet.  Somehow, though, I'm loathe to put the blanket away, it brings a bit more colour to the bedroom, and makes me smile whenever I look at it.  Ah, crochet, I love you.


  1. Your blankets are GORGEOUS!! I crocheted a blanket a year ago, but did it without a pattern so I just crocheted granny squares and went with the flow - I'm proud of it but its not got the beautiful finish yours have :)
    I'm a new blogger too but I'm sure we will both grow and I bet the BEDM challenge will help
    ps also WHAT a gorgeous name for a blog :D I'm a little envious

  2. Thank you for those lovely words! Most of the credit for most of the blankets has to go to the Attic24 blog, without that I think my first crochet hook would still be languishing in a pen pot somewhere!

    I am thoroughly enjoying #BEDM so far...lovely evenings spent following what people have been writing.


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