#BEDM - 15th: Pumpkin

This week has been very busy, with little time for writing and scheduling blog posts.  But who needs text when I have gorgeous photos such as this one?  This is the family cat Pumpkin, who died last year aged in her late teens (cats tend to live to a good old age in our family).  Look at her nose - isn't that amazing?!  I submitted this photo to Chat magazine a few years and they paid me £25 when they published it!


  1. ADORABLE! I miss not having a cat around to pet since moving, I often stop to pet random cats outside. And talk to them. I'm turning into a crazy cat lady

    1. I'm looking forward to the day when I live in a house suitable for cats, no home is complete without one!

  2. Beautiful shot, you're quite right a cat certainly does make a home.


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