#BEDM - 4th: petty annoyances

I meant to write a post about sci-fi (May the fourth be with you, after all) but as I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea I overfilled the mug and so went to get some kitchen towel to mop it up.  When I pulled at the roll, it didn't neatly rip along the perforations, and just ripped, leaving me with a thin ribbon of paper.  Argh!  So instead, I thought I'd write about those little things that annoy me.  Yes, I know they are very much first world problems (and I've lived in South Africa with no running water and electricity only when there wasn't a (very frequent) power cut, so I do genuinely appreciate how privileged my life is) but they are still able to frustrate me!
  • Let's start with toilet paper, kitchen towel, paper hand towels etc not ripping along the perforation.  Worse, toilet roll not even being perforated all the way across the width.  Going to the toilet shouldn't be annoying!
  • On the subject of toilets, public toilets which are so narrow that when you sit on the toilet you're pretty much sitting on the sanitary waste bin as well...London Victoria train station, I'm looking at you!
  • On the subject of train stations, people who stop at the top or bottom of escalators or at ticket barriers...please, there are people coming behind you and people coming behind us!
  • People who drop litter.  Inexcusable.  It's not hard to carry a chocolate bar wrapper another minute or so until you reach a bin!
  • When I see bottles (food, toiletries or otherwise) which have their lid at the bottom but have been stood 'upside down' on the shelf so the lid is at the top...no!  The Brownies know this annoys me and so on residentials they purposefully make sure the ketchup has the lid at the top!
  • Shop workers who, on a break, smoke in front of the shop doorway so you have to walk through a haze of smoke to enter the shop.  Surely there is somewhere else they can go and smoke?  I know when I was a teenager and worked in a supermarket the managers would have had a small fit if they had caught employees smoking in the way of customers!
  • Curtains which have been closed but there's still a gap in the middle...if you're going to shut the curtains, please shut them properly!
  • I won't even get started on incorrect grammar and punctuation.
I feel a bit better now I've had a little rant.  What are the little things that annoy you?


  1. Always useful to have a little rant now and again! I totally agree with the toilet thing, when they are really narrow it's so annoying. Especially if you have a backpack on and you're trying to turn around and close the door in a narrow small cubicle!

    1. YES! Many times I've been travelling alone, so no one to guard my bag/suitcase, and used public toilets and done that weird dance step where you try to get you and your possessions in the cubicle and manage to shut and lock the door, and then you need to do it all in reverse!

  2. Agreed on littering! The one that comes to mind is when people use 'literally' when they really do not mean literally. Aaarrrggghhh!!


    1. "I literally was like so annoyed that like this like man literally dropped like a chocolate bar wrapper on the like pavement as he literally couldn't be bothered to walk to the like rubbish bin to like throw it away."


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