#BEDM - 23: Busy bee

Ah, it's Friday! This is one of the first weeks in ages (years?) that I've worked a 'normal' working week.  When I was writing my PhD I usually worked 8-10 hour days, but they were the hours I wanted...I could start late, or finish early one day and work longer the next, I had no commute to consider, and I could go and have a cup of tea when I felt like it.  So now working a 'normal' working week is different but good, I do like a bit of structure, and I can join in with most of my friends who work 9-5 by going ahhhhhhhh, Friday.

This week has been about doing bits and bobs here and there.  We're in the process of moving flats, so there's been paperwork to complete and scan, administration fees to pay (£20 just to get a reference! Thankfully we persuaded the letting agency to accept one reference for us both, so we didn't have to pay twice!) and boxes to collect so we can start packing.  I've spent time at school invigilating exams and doing office admin, and more packing and sorting and cleaning...

I emptied out the cupboard under the sink and found rather a lot of cleaning products.  There are multiple bottles of some things.  A hint to either do more cleaning, or stop stocking up!  This photo does not include the bathroom cleaning products.

An empty laundry basket!  Empty!  In this gorgeous sunny weather we've been having (except the thunderstorm yesterday or the rain today) I've got lots and lots of loads of laundry dry.  Of course, the basket was only empty for a matter of minutes before something ended up in it, but for a moment or two it did look like this.

May is birthday month, so we splashed out on top quality tea (we know how to celebrate!).  Teapigs tea is not cheap (this pack of 50 tea temples (love that) was about £10) but it tastes absolutely brilliant, a definite treat!

Ben's rubbish at keeping surprises or presents from me.  He buys me something knowing I'll like it, and just can't wait to give it to me!  So here's an early birthday present, of a mug (I love mugs) with a kitten on (I love kittens).  Well done Ben!

I cleaned the bathroom, it was shiny and lovely!  I even gave the rubber ducks a quick wash before I put them back on the cistern.  The pink, blue and yellow ducks in the back row are from Girlguiding's centenary in 2010, I took them on a Brownie holiday once and they were named Penelope, Florence, and Clarabel.  No, I have no idea why either.

One of the best feelings in the world has to be getting into a freshly made bed.  Ben and I are dreadful at sharing a duvet (we both want to sleep wrapped up, and we can't do that if we share) so we have separate ones.  I see no reason why the bedding should match, as this photo shows!  No prizes for guessing who sleeps on which side.

I've sold about 1000(!) now of the 'my camp blanket is a labour of love' badges - I'm raising money to hopefully be able to visit all of the WAGGGS World Centres.  The Star Quest badge is from a Big Brownie Birthday event in North East England, I'm glad I was able to swap for one of these badges, the north east has a special place in my heart!

A friend from university recently announced she's pregnant with her first baby, so I quickly got to work on a blanket.  The pattern is Beachcomber Baby Blanket and I'm using six shades of Stylecraft Special DK (from the bottom, Sunshine, Magenta, Aster, Cloud Blue, Wisteria and Aspen) and I'll do a border in Cream.  I'm managing to use up what I already have in my stash, which means less yarn to have to pack up! I'm using my favourite 4mm crochet hook, made by a lovely lady at For The Love of Yarn, which has a business page on Facebook.

We've started the task of Eat The Contents of the Freezer Before We Have to Move it, and so I've been working my way through various plastic containers of soup and leftovers...most are easily identifiable!  This is my favourite soup, butternut squash, sweet potato and ginger.  I love love love it.

I mentioned to a lady at school that I'm in the process of moving house, and she remarked that we will need boxes.  Yes, lots of boxes!  What do schools tend to have during exam season when they're dealing with an awful lot of paperwork and deliveries?  Boxes!  So she gave me lots of spare boxes, with the promise of more if I need them.  Which means I probably ought to start packing...

And finally, here's a photo of my staff lanyard (I've just noticed there's a hole in the blanket on my bed, I probably ought to do something about that).  I am a member of staff!  Someone is paying me to work for them!  This feels good.


  1. I got a teapot plus posh teabags for my birthday and they are lovely (jasmine pearls), it makes me want to buy more of them and try some black tea variants but I feel like I'll get too used to super nice tea and feel cheated by an ordinary cuppa...

    I like the colours on the baby blanket :)

    1. There is a risk we will develop expensive tastes! I'm limiting myself to posh tea at breakfast (first cup of tea is always one of the nicest) and maybe one more throughout the day, the rest of the tea is normal tea (think it's supermarket fair trade at the moment). Teapot sounds great, a useful present!


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