#BEDM - 28th: 52 Lists

Linking up with Emma:

List the things that warm your heart:
(In no particular order, I hasten to add!)

  1. That cup of tea which for some reason tastes particularly good
  2. A friend telling you some very exciting news (and trusting you to keep it a secret for the time being!)
  3. That perfect combination of a cool breeze in the bedroom and being warm in bed
  4. Buying the perfect gift for someone, and finding out they agree with how perfect it is
  5. Scones with clotted cream and jam, accompanied by a large pot of tea
  6. Fish and chips, eaten out of the wrapper, by the sea
  7. 'Date night' phone calls/Skype chats arranged with friends
  8. Compliments, especially if completely unexpected
  9. Finding that thing you lost ages ago and had thought was gone forever
  10. Knowing my friends and family love and support me
  11. Crocheted blankets


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