#BEDM - 27th: I won a competition!

I was very excited to find out last week that I had won a competition!  It was a giveaway over on Kate's blog (do go and have a look) and the parcel safely arrived with me this morning.  Thank you very much for sending it to me so promptly!

I do love beautifully wrapped items!

Inside were two lavender bags, which smell lovely (just the right amount of lavender, not too 'old-lady' ifyouknowwhatImean) and look lovely...I would hang them straight in my wardrobe but as we're in the midst of packing they're going to go in a suitcase and will soon be unpacked in the new flat!

I've just realised the buttons in this photo are upside down, whoops!  There's a fat quarter of fabric, buttons, and notecards.  A lovely parcel indeed!  I am not too sure what I'll use it for, packing is taking quite a bit of time so I think I'll pack these away and come back to them with some ideas in a few weeks!

We've got a gingerbread people felt garland over the living room window, it's a Christmas decoration but I like it so much I refused to take it down in January.  I love the shadow it cast on the wall in the early morning.

My issue of Simply Crochet arrived today as well (a good day for post!) and the free gift is this cute tape measure.  Adorable!


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