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What I've been reading: January and February

Home Fire by Kamila Shamshie was given to me by my mum, who said she enjoyed it despite it not being a book she would have picked up had it not been for her book group.  It's not a book I would have chosen either, but I loved it - it's about three Muslim siblings, their jihadi father and their wider family and communities.  An incredibly gripping story and a heartbreaking ending.
I'm not sure from where I got this copy of Hot Milk by Deborah Levy - I'm guessing it came from our favourite local charity shop warehouse.  Slightly odd story about a daughter who moves with her mother to Spain for the latter to be treated for her mysterious chronic illness by a local renowned doctor.

I think the aforementioned charity shop warehouse has had quite a lot of donations over the last couple of months, as when I went in there towards the end of January there was a great deal of new stock, and many of the bookcases contained titles I'd not seen there before.  There were several…

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