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What I've been reading: May and June

My reading seems to go through peaks and troughs, runs of lots of good books and then some books I enjoyed less.  These past two months have seen significantly more of the former than the latter, which is good!

I didn't realise when I requested The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse* via NetGalley that it's the first in a trilogy, and the other books aren't yet available (this one has only been out a matter of weeks).  Normally, I try to leave a series until I can read the whole thing, as it annoys me when I can't read the end first (bad habit I've always had).  So the ending of this book isn't the end of the trilogy (unless there are some massive twists and turns to come!) and I was left a bit confused.  But if we ignore that bit, the rest is pretty good.  Set in 16th century France, there are some strong female characters who try to make sense of, and survive, the religious arguments and clashes throughout the country.  If you liked other books Mosse has written …

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