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What I've been reading: March and April

I'm much better at writing these reading update posts bimonthly rather than monthly!

A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks is possibly my favourite book from the last couple of months.  It's in five parts, unequal in length, focusing on different characters (a Victorian family, a soldier during World War One, a scientist a few decades in the future) and what makes us unique but also gives us a sense of shared identity.  I loved it.

I downloaded A Girl's Ride in Icelandby Ethel Alec-Tweedie last year before I went to Iceland with Guides and was wanting to read all about the country.  I never got round to it, but remembered it recently when I wanted something quite quick to read.  Ethel went to Iceland with some companions in the 19th century as everyone else was going elsewhere in Europe and this group wanted a bit more excitement.  They got the boat from Scotland (I felt seasick just reading about it!), which took them round the southern coast of Iceland, dropping them off at…

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