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That night I slept on a warship

Now that it's spring, we're heading into one of the busiest times for Guiding - in my calendar, anyway!  I've been on quite a few events recently, some of which have taken a lot of planning.  As always, I can't share photos of the girls, so these are just a snapshot of what we were doing!
Last May, a plea went out for a leader to step in to help with a Brownie holiday and first aid, as their usual first aider was no longer able to go.  I stepped in, and got on so well with the leaders and girls that they invited me back this year!  Our theme was camping (although we were sleeping in tents indoors, which did seem a bit unnatural to me - still, the girls loved it though!) and we crammed a lot into the weekend.
First things first, one Brownie had her birthday on the Friday and so we all shared her cake and I had yet another cup of tea.

One Brownie had brought along some bunting to decorate the tent she was in, which I thought was a lovely touch.

We made camp cutlery.  On…

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