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My 2019 in Guiding

It will be no secret to anyone reading this just how much I love Guiding - it has given me, and the girls I volunteer with, so many opportunities.  My Brownie unit meets weekly, and our activities this year have included a lot of cooking (this is a perennial favourite the girls always, always ask for), zumba, crafts (nail art (as in, hammering in nails) being one of the most noisy ones!), camping skills, toasting marshmallows, more cooking, games nights (I warn you, playing Dobble with 8 year olds gets very competitive!), and of course we've worked towards our Skills Builder badges and UMA (if you're interested, there is info on the Guiding programme here ).  Whilst I enjoy the 90mins I spend with my Brownies on a Monday night, my favourite activities are always the weekend ones, where we can get out and about, do longer activities and really experience new things.  Residential events are my absolutely favourites, and this year has included many nights away.  As well as being

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