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What I've been reading: July and August

Another couple of months of reading, and once again I've read some excellent books.

Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee is one of my Dad's favourite books and years ago he bought me a copy to read.  For some reason, I never did (I think for some books you have to be in the right place for them) and then decided that this summer was the right time.  It's a lovely account of the author growing up in rural England.  I didn't love it, but am glad I can say I've finally read it!

My Mum gave me Unless by Carol Shields for my birthday, always a bit of a risk buying books for me, but she did well here.  Reta is an author, and quite happy, until her eldest daughter drops out of college and starts to beg on a certain street corner in Toronto.  It's one of those books where not a lot seems to happen, and yet it does.  I loved it, and it's already been passed on to a friend.

Caitlin Moran has been of of my favourite journalists for years, I loved How To Be a Woman and I thou…

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