Photo an hour - Sunday 27th March

Easter Sunday was this month's #photoanhour, and my plans revolved around knitting a tiger and drinking tea.  As you do.

9am: my favourite chocolate and toffee 'hot cross buns' from M&S (I've stocked the freezer, as they're not going to be available in store for much longer!) and a cup of tea in my new Sarah Millican mug, in my very sunny kitchen.

10am: Back to the tiger.  It's the amazing tiger rug from Sincerely Louise and is quite an undertaking.  Using chunky yarn, held double stranded, on 15mm needles, is quite the arm workout! My thumbs were hurting by the end of the day, too, it's not a gentle knit!

11am: more tiger.  Not sure if I moved between these two photos.  Currently, there are six balls of yarn on the go.

12pm: The underside of the tiger's tummy is complete.  Standard length pencil for scale.  Have I said it's a bit big, yet?  Approx. 140cm from chin to tip of tail.

1pm: One of my 101 in 1001 things is the make a rainbow cake.  Here are the five layers ready to go in the oven.  Pretty!

2pm: back to the tiger.  There are lots of ends to sew in.  I love sewing in ends (lies).

4pm: I have finished sewing in the ends.  I've also taken the cakes out of the oven but they've all stuck, despite me thoroughly greasing the tins before I started.  All very annoying.  So there is cake, but it's not presentable.

5pm: I've got quite the pile of magazines to read, so I start some daydreaming with Lonely Planet.

7pm: Blanket, book, hot water bottle.  Char sent this book to me, saying it was one of the best books she's read this year - and she reads a lot!  I enjoyed it, but not as much as she did.

9pm: Popcorn and a change of book - this book, originally published in 1990, is quite thought-provoking.

So that was my day - knitting, baking, and reading.  Quite pleasant, if you  ask me!

Thanks, as always, to Jane and Louisa for hosting.


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