Crocheted tissue box covers - the latest in interior design!

Nearly two years ago, I crocheted my first tissue box cover.  It's ridiculous and has no purpose other than to add a bit of colour to my bedside table.

I made another one for the living room coffee table and another one for my desk (annoyingly, I used the wrong size hook so it is rather on the large side) and decided three was probably enough.  Then Ben wanted one, so I made a fourth, and then we had no more naked tissue boxes in the flat.

Then I got my job (woo!) and had a desk at work.  The first few weeks at work I was hot desking whilst the department was having a bit of a reshuffle (desk space is at a premium in that building!) and so I got to see a lot of desks and was pleased that most of them were personalised in some way.  Usually with a mug and family photos.

I decided my desk was going to have a crocheted tissuse box cover.  So I made one.

My desk is in a corner, with the tissue box being in the actual corner, so it's not terribly obvious unless you're right by my desk.  A colleague admired it, and I assured her I didn't think it was a serious design statement, more a novelty thing.  She said it was great and when she left a few weeks later, I made her one as a leaving present.

Which seemed to get the ball rolling.

A visiting PhD student commented on mine, and when I said I'd happily make her one, she was delighted - especially as I made it using some sequined yarn I had in my stash!  She asked if I wanted any money for it, I said no - it hadn't taken me too long to make (a couple of hours whilst watching television) and I'd used up oddments of yarn. Jokingly, I said she could buy me a Crunchie when she popped to the shop for lunch, and she bought me a pack of four.  Yummy!

Then another colleague wanted one - by this time I was taking colour requests, and this colleague  wanted blue and cream. Which reminds me, she still owes me payment!

Then another colleague wanted one, having seen the blue and cream one when she'd had a meeting in that office.  Pink was requested, and I requested payment of four Crunchies or a G&T.

Then another colleague wanted one.  I'm thinking I should perhaps put my prices up!

I get to the office quite early, in order to beat the motorway traffic, so I arrive when the lovely cleaning lady is still there.  As I was sitting down at my desk, she pointed at my tissue box cover with her feather duster and said how much she liked them, and how she'd seen them around the department.  Where had I got mine from?  I'd made it! Really? Yes, would she like one?  Yes!  So that's another one added to my list.

Just spreading a little bit of colourful crochet throughout the department one tissue box at a time...!


  1. I love that payment is 'four Crunchies or a G&T!'

    1. I think this is sensible. In the end I was paid two lemonades as I was driving the night we went to the pub!

  2. They're lovely! I love your clever pricing system too!

    1. Thanks - who needs money when you can barter?!


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