Secret Santas 2016

Oh I do love a gift swap!  As with previous years, I took part in the Thrifty Gift Swap organised by Janet, and Char's Bloggers Secret Santa.

My Thrifty swap was the first parcel I received all festive season, from Becky, who wrote her email address in the card and I've sent her a thank you message.  I loved this parcel!

The A coaster is going to come to work with me, the chocolate didn't last long and the cat earrings are ridiculously cute.  The Reader is a book she'd enjoyed this year and Mr Vertigo is by her favourite author (a good idea!). I've already read The Reader, and loved it, so I'll pass it on to someone else, and I'm looking forward to reading Mr Vertigo as it's not a book, or an author, I've heard of before.

My Bloggers Secret Santa is entirely anonymous, so I can't thank the person directly, but I hope they read this at some point.  Another thoughtful set of presents - cupcake cases and baking stamps, a colour changing owl, a card she'd made herself based on her experiences of Girlguiding.  Now that's personal!

Thank you to my two Secret Santas, and I hope the ladies who received mine like them too!

Thanks also to Janet and Char for organising.


  1. I was your secret santa in Char's swap! I am really happy you liked it all :)

  2. Ah, thank you! Hoping to do some baking this weekend.

  3. What lovely sets of presents! I'm glad you enjoyed the swap.


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