Day Zero Project - update #3

I realised the other day that I probably ought to pick up the pace on my 101 in 1001 goals/things to do/objectives (whatever I feel like calling them) as September will be here before we know it. I've gone through the list and I think I was a tad optimistic when I wrote it.  But I've done more than I thought, so here's a quick round-up:

18. Make a rainbow cake.

Well, I tried to do this.  I bought little pans from Lakeland and posh food colouring so I could have proper rainbow colours.  I made the batter, split into five (nearly running out of clean bowls/containers to put each layer on), coloured each layer and then baked.  I did grease the tins, but clearly this was not good enough as every single layer stuck to the bottom.  It did mean Ben and I had pretty bits of cake to eat (and a lot of buttercream icing I'd already made up) but it was hardly a proper cake.  I am going to try doing this again, and I will go to the effort of cutting out circles of greaseproof paper so hopefully the cakes will actually come out next time.  In the meantime, I am counting this as something I've done as I did make the effort to do it, which is more than can be said for some of the other items on my list!

44.  Attend a Guiding event for leaders only

I went to INTOPS in May and have been selected for a trip this summer!

98.  Reach 50 sent postcards on Postcrossing.

My friend Sandy introduced me to Postcrossing a few years ago.  It's incredibly simple, you register, add a bit of basic profile information, then request an address.  You then have the address of someone to write a postcard to, and some information about their (dis)likes (if they provided that information). Every postcard as a unique number, you write that on the card and then when it is received, the recipient can log it to show it's arrived.  Because you're the sender of the card most recently registered on the site, when someone else requests an address, yours is at the top of the list and so they send a postcard to you.  Easy!

5. Go to a large-scale yarn-based craft fair and 62.  Visit York

In September I had a great weekend away in York with Vikki which featured my first trip to Yarndale.

35.  Branch out from own-brand tonic water

In April Dad and I went to the Gin Festival, which was excellent, and sponsored by Fever Tree drinks.  Their tonic water is without doubt the best I've ever had, especially their Mediterranean tonic water.  It is pricey, but I think it makes a difference to the drink and as such is worth it.

49.  Visit a new country

In September Ben and I spent a week in Morocco.  I've realised I've not written a blog post about that yet, it's on the to do list!

51. See a West End show with Mum

Just after Christmas Mum and I went to see Rent - not exactly in the West End, but in London and very very good nonetheless.  One of my favourite musicals and Mum really enjoyed it too.

79.  Develop the Post Pals Twitter account - aim for 2,500 followers

Oooooh, I've just checked and it's over 3,000! Hurrah!

95.  Have something made just for me

I've had a few project bags made for me by talented friends with sewing machines - they make knitting even more enjoyable!


  1. I completely agree about Fever Tree tonics over own brand, I traded up (as it was) at the end of last year and I don't regret it (although my purse may do in the long run!)

    1. Fever Tree tonic is so much nicer, but yes, a tad more expensive too! Will drink my way through the Christmas purchases/presents and then see how I feel about it all!

  2. I'm taking Thomas to see Rent (his first time, my.... 9th?) in March and I am SOOOOO excited about it already!

    1. I think the version I saw is the one that's going on tour? You're in for a great show anyway, which you know!


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