Photo an hour - 16th January

This month's #photoanhour was this weekend and for once I had actually remembered!  I then forgot later on in the day, oops.

8am: In bed, first cup of tea of the day.  Reading a very interesting book and drinking from my Great Wall of Vagina mug, both of which contrast nicely with my Brownies duvet cover.

9am: the glamour never stops, so I did a load of laundry.

10am:  Ben had to take a cake into work, so I made this chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  My cake box was returned containing just a few crumbs: I think it must have tasted good too!

11am: I do love writing letters.  Especially with pretty envelopes and stickers.

5pm:  Well that's a bit of a gap!  A friend came round and we popped into town for lunch (great burgers, not so great customer service) and then had tea and cake.  I did a bit of knitting on a sock.

8pm:  A friend gave me this book for Christmas after I had admired hers when I was visiting.  A bit of meal planning for the week ahead, and restocking the freezer.

As always, joining in with Jane and Louisa.


  1. I never remember that this is on until you post your first photo of the day on IG. Maybe one day I'll remember!

    1. I'm not so good at remembering either, despite getting an email reminder! I'll try and give you some warning for February!

    2. How did you know the date of January darling? it seems a nice thing to do next month!!! :) The cake looks delicious!!!

    3. If you follow @ITYdarling on Twitter she'll send a reminder about #photoanhour - I can't find when the Feb date is, but I'll try and let you know!

  2. The cake looks delicious!

    I love putting stickers on letters :-)

    1. Stickers are great - I have quite the collection!


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