Day Zero Project - update #2

A whole year ago, I set myself a Day Zero Project - a list of things I'd like to do/make/experience in 1001 days.  I gave one update in May, so I thought it was about time I wrote another one!

4. Crochet a sky blanket 

This is done!  The ends are all sewn in and everything.  I'm just waiting for it to stop raining so I can take photos of it on the washing line as that's the only place really big enough.  It's been a labour of love, one I'm so pleased with.  Part of me wishes I could keep going, but we really don't need more blankets in this flat!

33.  Make a flavoured alcoholic drink.

Done! Post to follow soon.

40.  Earn a Girlguiding licence/qualification

To be a leader within Girlguiding, there are four modules to do.  Module one is specifically about the section you're volunteering with, modules 2 and 3 are about Girlguiding generally and running your unit, and module 4 (only necessary if you want to be the leader in charge of a unit) is about accounts.  I already have modules 1-4, specifically for Brownies.  To become a Rainbow leader, I need to do module 1 again, but focusing on the Rainbow section.  This has been completed, and the paperwork has been sent off higher up the official chain to get the final approval.

42.  Attend a large-scale residental event for Guides

This August bank holiday I went to Wellies and Wristbands at Foxlease with my friend's Guide unit.  It was muddy, but great fun.  Some photos can be found in this post here.

43.  Attend my first Rainbow sleepover

In October I went on my first ever Rainbow sleepover.  Residential trips are my most favourite thing about Girlguiding and this sleepover was great.  It was a learning curve working with this age group, but I think I learned more in those 24 hours than I have in the two terms I've been a Rainbow leader!  We've got our next one booked for February and it's unicorn themed.  I can't wait!

46.  Earn my 100 nights away badge

Many of the Girlguiding regions run a 'nights away' scheme so you can earn badges for the number of nights you spend on a Girlguiding event.  Anglia is my home region, so is the scheme I chose to use.  It launched in January 2006 (so sadly I can't officially count the many, many nights away I did before then) but at Wellies and Wristbands this year I finally earned my 100 nights away badge.  I do collect nights away badges from the other regions (for example, since moving to LaSER (London and South East Region) I've been earning their badges too) but Anglia is my 'official' one.  

61.  Visit the Isle of Wight

Ben and I made the short journey to the Isle of Wight back in September for a wedding.  It was the day of #photoanhour and was great fun.  Admittedly we didn't see much of the island, and we might go back at some point to do some non-wedding things, but I think this definitely counts as 'visiting'

94.  Start a new address book

I did this a few months ago.  My old address book had lots of crossed out addresses from friends living in different properties during university, then moving about a lot in the first few years after graduation, and it all looked a bit messy.  It is now neat and tidy.  Several of my female friends are now under their married name (although I never remember this, and wonder why they're not under their maiden name) and several friends have got names of their children added in too.  

Clearly, I've had a productive year Girlguiding-wise! I'm gradually getting there with the other things, and I have plans made (tentatively or otherwise) to cross off a few more.  Probably ought to pick up the pace slightly though, only 637 days to go!


  1. I totally forgot I did one of these, maybe I should check the progress! I love all the Guiding themed things, makes me miss Cubs a bit :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what your finished sky blanket looks like! I also need to check on the progress of my project, it's been a little neglected of late.

  3. I find it impossible to write an envelope in women's married names - genuinely not trying to make a point but I find my hand writing their maiden name! Cue lots of crossing out or finding of labels.

    1. Yep, I've done that - often on cards which need a certain size of envelope I never seem to have! Whoops.

  4. I love these types of goal, but I am never very good at actually coming up with the list. I have made a sort-of list of goals for the year for myself, which I'm hoping I'll stick to.

  5. These are great goals, I love them!!! You've for a great commitment to the Brownies, Rainbows, Guides etc!!


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