Photo an hour - 19th December

This month I saw Jane's tweet about #photoanhour the night before, which is just as well as I'd have forgotten otherwise!  I finished work for the year on Friday (three days of annual leave plus six lovely university closure days) and had lots of pottering about to do and a few last bits and pieces to get sorted for Christmas.


I got up, made tea, went back to bed.  Quite enjoying these stories by Stella Gibbons.


Crochet snowflake production line.  Think this is the closest I'm going to get to a white Christmas this year!


Yarn delivery!  Lovely lovely sock yarn.


Wrapping the last few presents.


Last year Vikki sent me this hideous owl bag, which I love, and use throughout the year.  We went on a trip to the Post Office to post the last lot of post.  Hopefully it will make it in time!


Along with half of Sussex, I decided to go to the supermarket, with my bag of bags for life which live in the car.  Please note reverse side of hideous (amazing) owl bag.


Chocolate, anyone?


Obligatory '4pm is tea time' photo.


I have a growing pile of magazines to read over the festive period.


I'm never going to win any prizes for food photography, but you can't beat smoked salmon and cream cheese.

I missed 7pm as I was watching the Strictly final.


Sky blanket.  Just a teeny tiny corner (and five rounds of the entire thing) to go!

I missed 9 and 10pm as I was watching the Strictly final again.  11pm I just forgot about (sorry!).


Back in bed! With the same book, and some hand cream.  I'd done a lot of clearing up and tidying and cleaning, and my hands needed a bit of TLC!  This hand cream is definitely my favourite at the moment.

As ever, thanks to Jane and Louisa for organising.


  1. Love the snowflakes and your blanket is looking amazing. I hadn't realised it was #photoanhour until I met up with Alex, but I forgot to take many anyway.

  2. I read that Gibbons book last Christmas and was mostly underwhelmed, but I do remember loving the story about a woman living alone and two kids turning up... can't remember what it was called but it was very cheesy & sentimental and therefore perfect for Christmas!

    1. I became less whelmed (is that a word) the more I read...I eventually stopped about a third of the way through. Yes, the story you mention was very cheesy and sentimental, and completely right for Christmas!

    2. Recalling that 10 Things I Hate About You quote with your mention of "whelmed".


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