A few months ago, I was browsing Twitter (as you do) and I came across Crafty Creatives, a subscription service for people who like crafty things.  A bit more investigating, and I saw they were soon launching #PaperHaul, a stationery-themed box.

Now, as anyone who knows me will agree, I love stationery, letter-writing and post, so this box seemed like an excellent idea.  I then realised I was logged into Twitter as the Post Pals account and @PaperHaul was already following.  I followed back and sent them a message saying how much I loved the idea, and perhaps we could do something together?  Turns out those clever people were already a few steps ahead of me and had emailed the main Post Pals account as they wanted to support us.  Brilliant!  10p from the cost of each box (£10 per month) is being donated to Post Pals, which is excellent.  Did I want to review one on behalf of the charity? Of course!

The box cleverly fits through the letterbox and was excellently packaged, they've got that down to a fine art!

On the reverse of the blue #PaperHaul piece of paper is a space for you to write what you thought of the box , and then share on social media.  As I reached over the get a fountain pen to write on it (too lovely for a ballpoint!) I knocked over my cup of tea, which I was very annoyed about (for ruining the paper, as well as wasting the tea).  But if you have a look at their Twitter and Instagram accounts you'll see what other people have written on theirs.

Once I'd cleaned up the tea mess, I got back to the box (which thankfully had escaped the tea).

With a theme of travelling and adventure, the items were a roll of washi tape, three tags, three postcards, two cards, a sheet of stickers and scrapbooking paper.

I love these little tags!

I liked how all the items in the box were clearly related as a theme, but they were also all a little bit different.

I enjoyed counting the number of places I've visited on these stickers.

I've since sent the contents of the box to various children supported by Post Pals, and a few of the stickers have been gracing other snail mail items I've sent to various friends.  I'm so pleased that #PaperHaul is supporting Post Pals, through the Twitter account I've had lots of messages and new followers, so it's great that more people want to get involved.  Hopefully we can post even more #happypost in the new year!

I was sent a box free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All photos and opinions are, of course, my own.


  1. that looks gorgeous - and how wonderful that they are supporting Post Pals! the contents of the box look really fun too, and very good interpretations of their theme :) jenny xx

    1. Pretty things that do good at the same time - love it!

  2. Oh this looks excellent! I love stationery too.

    1. Stationery is great...nothing beats a handwritten letter in the post!


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