The Year in Books: July

My book for July is George RR Martin's A Game of Thrones.  Yes, I am quite late to A Song of Ice and Fire series of books, but oh my goodness I've only read a few pages of this first book and I'm hooked already!  Fantasy really is not my cup of tea, but these books aren't too fantastical, if that makes sense - yes there are dragons and other such things, but the whole saga is so much more than that.  I love it!  I downloaded the book on to my Kindle, as they're rather long books.

As predicted, June was a very busy month, and so reading took a backseat amongst everything else going on.  I didn't read any short stories as I said I would, I eventually got too engrossed in A Game of Thrones!  (Reading this series of books is not going to help me with my Goodreads challenge this year - each of the books in this series must surely count as two books, they're so long!)

I did however read one other book in June, The Windsurf Girl by M.A. Meadowcroft*.  It was a quick read, which is what I needed at the time, given how busy I was.  The story follows Fran, a young mother who suspects her husband is having an affair and escapes to the seaside to recuperate and sort out various relationships.  I found the whole plot a tad daft in places, there were lots of characters in the seaside location who all had history to explore, but some of these histories seemed a bit far-fetched and almost contrived in places.  The plot also occasionally took massive leaps, and the twists at the end were even further-fetched.  Overall, it was a pleasant enough read, and didn't take too much concentration, but I think the plot had the potential for so much more.

Joining in with Laura.

*NetGalley sent me a copy to review.  All opinions are, of course, my own.


  1. I LOVE A Song of Ice and Fire books - I read them while I was studying abroad in the USA but read them for the wrong reason (because everyone else was) and so just after Christmas I read them again because I wanted to and OHOHOH I can't fault them, so so splendid :D I'm excited for you to finish them, if like me you adore them you will get engrossed in the wider theories of the saga - all I will say here is R+L=J <3 (will come to make sense soon). Ok sorry for the spiel, just so excited for you :p I agree - count them as 2 books each - jenny xxx

    1. As long as the other books are as good as the first, I'm happy! I bought all the books for my Kindle at the weekend, so they're all stored and ready to be read! Not sure I'll read them one after the other, I think I'm going to need a small break from concentrating on who the hundreds of characters are...the downside to reading on a Kindle is that it's hard to flick back to the info and maps at the start, so I really have to think about where things are, and who is on which side. But it's all coming together. I always read the ends of books, and read a synopsis online, so I am well ahead of myself - which possibly isn't helping with remembering who is who, and who is doing what, as I'm not sure if an event I've read about online has actually happened yet. Glad you agree on each being two books!


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