Photo an hour - Monday 20th April

This month's #photoanhour was scheduled for Sunday 19th.  I completely forgot about this and only realised towards lunch time when I looked at Instagram for the first time that day and saw other people's posts.  So I decided I'd do it for Monday instead.


I don't start my new job (eeek!) until next week at the earliest so I am making the most of being able to read in bed in the mornings.  This was an excellent book.


I've started helping at Rainbows, as they needed another adult, so I thought I might as well do my Leadership Qualification for this section (I already have it for Brownies).  I had to run an activity to help girls understand their promise ('I promise to think about my beliefs, and to be kind and helpful').  So we made promise caterpillars, each girl had three circles and had to write a kind/nice/helpful/friendly thing about the other three girls on her table on each one.  We then swapped the circles around so each girl had the three circles with things written about her.  We then added a caterpillar head and a tail and threaded wool through the holes.  They looked so lovely and there were some really sweet things said.  Did I enjoy cutting out almost 100 circles? Erm, not really! 


Mid-morning cup of tea in my favourite mug.


A bit of sock knitting.  I am going through a lovely sock knitting phase at the moment, now that I have learned how to knit toe-up socks which actually fit my feet! This wool is a tad crazy but I like it a lot.


From knitting to crochet, and catching up with my sky blanket.  April has been so sunny here in the south, there is a lovely large and ever-growing patch of yellow in this blanket!


I walked to the newsagents (just round the corner) and spectacularly tripped over the kerb.  I was embarrassed more than hurt (don't think anyone saw me).  Now the graze is healing it looks like I've been scratched by a many-clawed beast.  Later that evening I compared my graze to those sported by some of the Rainbows and Brownies and mine was nowhere near the most impressive.


Off to Rainbows and Brownies.  This bag I've had for about seven years, it is such a good size and ideal for transporting 100 bits of cardboard caterpillar.

5, 6 and 7pm:

I was busy being Fluffy Owl.  We're finishing off our Craft badge at Brownies and the girls were decorating a tote bag with fabric pens and these shiny shiny 'jewels'.  I loved running my fingers through the bowl of shiny shiny things, reminded me of being small and playing with my grandmother's magnificent box of buttons.


Absolutely dreadful lighting, I had a skein of sock wool over the back of my desk chair and was winding it into a ball so I can knit some socks for my mum.  I gave her the wool for her birthday so she could knit her own socks (she is a much better knitter than I am) but her two young cats, beautiful though they are, do not making knitting easy for her.  She posted the wool back to me so I could knit it, as I sadly do not have a cat to bat a ball of wool under a chair and then chew through it.

So, that was my Monday.  Do check out #photoanhour on Twitter and Instagram, and Louisa has done a round-up post.  Next month's is going to be 23rd May and I hope I'll remember this time!

2015's #photoanhour:



  1. Wow, you had such a productive Monday - so many crafty activities!

    1. I suppose it was quite crafty! The joys of being in Guiding. Thankfully the activities planned for next week don't involve cutting out lots of circles!

  2. What a crafty day! Hope your graze is healing up ok. x

    1. Yes thank you, it is much better now. Still feel silly thinking about it!

  3. We're thinking about making promise caterpillars in our Rainbow unit too!
    I like your bright socks-in-progress :)

    1. The caterpillars were great, really pleased with how they turned out. We're making marshmallow igloos tonight which I think will be quite sticky...bowls of warm water at the ready to wash those little fingers!

  4. Yay for taking part but boo hiss for the graze - hope it's healing up nicely now! I like the look of the multi-coloured wool and I *love* your cup! xx

    1. Graze is healing beautifully, thanks. And I love my cup too! I received it last year as part of an online present swap thing - no idea who sent it to me as they don't have a blog, so I couldn't thank them, but it really is one of the best presents I've received from a stranger!


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