How I spent my entire Tuesday waiting for an electrician

Monday night: Right, electrician coming between eight and one tomorrow.  Must set an alarm so I can be up and dressed for eight, just in case we're the first appointment of the day.

7.00 - alarm goes off.  Snooze.

7.50 - wake up, having somehow managed to turn the snooze off completely.  Very quick shower so I'm dressed by eight o'clock.

8.10 - showered, dressed, make cup of tea and breakfast.

8.30 - spot of magazine reading on the sofa.

8.45 - another cup of tea.

9.00 - being alone in the flat, worry about going to the toilet as that is bound to be when the doorbell rings.

9.15 - risk it.  Go to toilet.  No doorbell.  Check outside anyway in case someone did arrive and has left card.  No card.

9.30 - phone rings, unknown number.  Bound to be someone to update me on progress.  Nope.  No I don't want whatever you're trying to sell me thankyouverymuch.

9.45 - decide to clean the kitchen.

10.15 - kitchen is sparkly.  Keep looking out of window for van, as sometimes people can't find our particular road off the main road.  No van.

10.30 - more tea.  Possibly a Creme Egg.

11.00 - look at sock patterns on Ravelry.  Debate casting on new sock.  Decide if I do this, doorbell will ring, thus disrupting my concentration and will probably mean I make a mistake and have to start again.  Weigh up annoyance of starting again versus electrician turning up sooner rather than later.

11.25 - try and remember why the electrician is coming round so I don't end up looking like an idiot when they ask me about the problem.

11.35 - more tea.  Not another Creme Egg.

11.40 - grapes instead of Creme Egg.  Healthy.  Feel like rewarding my decision with a Creme Egg.

11.41 - Creme Egg firmly put back in the cupboard.

11.45 - finished my book yesterday and can't decide what to read next.  Look through two bookcases and my Kindle before declaring I have nothing to read.  Realise Easter is over so library will be open.  Go to put shoes on before remembering I can't go anywhere.

12.00 - bathroom dilemma again.  Only an hour of the appointment slot to go, so if I go, doorbell bound to ring?

12.05 - doorbell has not rung.

12.06 - have a look on Twitter.

12.25 - despite not much actually happening on Twitter, that's 20 minutes gone.  What did I do with all my time before social media?

12.30 - more tea.  Consider lunch options.  Soup and bread roll?  Sandwich?  Creme Egg?

12.45 - will company compensate me if electrician not here in the appointment slot?  Tesco once refunded me the £1 delivery charge as they were late.

13.01 - electrician now officially late.  Will give him a few minutes before I phone the call centre.

13.20 - phone the call centre.  Yes, I am sure the electrician hasn't turned up.  You'll give me £22 credit as compensation? Thank you very much, but when will the electrician be here?  You'll call me back when you've spoken to your colleague? Thanks.

13.45 - Neighbours.  Lunch.  Chicken soup and bread roll.

14.15 - find some new podcasts to listen to, work my way through about six of these.  Get the feeling electrician isn't going to show up.  Go to toilet without even thinking about the doorbell ringing.

16.30 - phone call centre back.  Oh, so if the electrician has missed the morning slot, they're definitely not turning up on that day at all? Your colleague should have told me this three hours ago? Yes, your colleague should have confirmed this, yes I appreciate it is not your personal fault.  Someone will call me back with a rearranged appointment time, great.  When? Soon? Fine.  Thanks for your help.

16.40 - text Ben to complain.

17.00 - leave the flat and go for a walk, enjoying sunshine before it disappears.


  1. I enjoy these insights into people's days and thought processes :)

  2. Such a fun read! Not so fun an experience. Hope he turns up someday.

    1. The next available appointment is in May - so a few weeks to wait!

  3. Ah so annoying! But it dies make for an amusing (and totally relatable) read :)

    1. We've all been there! Just so utterly frustrating. We've had an apology from the electricity supplier (when it wasn't even their fault) but not the company booked in to visit us. Apparently they don't know why they didn't turn up. Grr!


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