A crafty weekend

This weekend my little sister, J, came to stay.  She's little in the sense she's quite a bit younger than me (waiting for her GCSE results, only a couple of days to go!) but a good couple of inches taller.  I love having her come to stay, partly because the first time she came to stay with me she asked to do some 'Brownie crafts' and now the crafty element is tradition, along with lots of sweets.  A tradition I'm happy to continue!

Last year we did some decoupage, and this summer we continued with that theme (mainly because last year was a complete guess as to how much paper and glue we'd need, so I have rather a lot still to use!).  J wanted a dinosaur, to keep the stegosaurus she made last year company.

I love this brontosaurus very much indeed!  (As a side note, all the objects I've ever decoupaged, plus the papers and glue, have all come from Crafty Crocodiles.  I use them a lot for Brownie things, and their service and products are excellent.  Highly recommended!)

When I was ordering J's brontosaurus, I couldn't decide what I wanted.  Last year I'd done a letter A (highly original) and then Ben had bought an M, Y, &, B, E and N so we have our names across the mantlepiece.  I didn't want to decoupage something just for the sake of it, but then in the offers section I found these very cute little reindeer tree decorations. Only 50p each, a bargain!  So I bought several.  As well as some Christmas-themed paper.

They were a bit fiddly to do, especially around their antlers, but I'm so pleased with the results.  So glossy!  One (or two) I'm keeping for our Christmas tree, and the other three will be going to new homes in December.  So yes, it's mid-August and I've already got some Christmas presents sorted!

A few months ago, I'd seen this tutorial on Chloe's blog, to make some gorgeous fridge magnets using Liberty wrapping paper.  I love magnets (our fridge freezer is absolutely covered) and so I ordered quite a few of the tiles used in this tutorial, thinking that if they turned out well I could give some as small Christmas/birthday presents.  The tiles were very cheap, I've got plenty of decoupage paper left, in a variety of designs, and lots of card too, as well as magnetic strips in my craft box, so really these didn't cost much to make at all.  The tutorial is straightforward, and they're incredibly easy to make.  Look how cute they are!

These ones are currently on the fridge, and I think I'll keep this set as they're not quite neat enough for me to give away - the circles of paper and card need to be a tad smaller so I'll know that for the next set I make.  A present that's pretty, useful, and light to post - excellent!


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    1. It is a particularly good dinosaur! Apparently it now has pride of place on my sister's bedroom windowsill!


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