Day Zero Project

Here is my list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.

Start: 3rd January 2015
Finish: 30 September 2017

Update posts:

May 2015

Items in italics are in progress.
Items that have been crossed out have been completed.
  1. Read all the books in the BBC Top 100.
  2. Reduce my collection of unread books down to one (small) bookcase.
  3. Finish A Song of Ice and Fire series of books.
  4. Crochet a sky blanket.  Done! You can see it here.
  5. Go to a large-scale yarn-based craft fair.
  6. Reduce yarn stash - use it or lose it
  7. Make one new thing from each craft book I own.
  8. Complete any jigsaws we haven't already done.
  9. Do something with all the postcards I've collected.
  10. Do something with some photos - don't just leave them on my laptop.
  11. Acquire something to go on top of the Christmas tree.
  12. Find my collection of Christmas biscuit cutters.
  13. Wallpaper something.
  14. Upcycle something.  Ideally storage.
  15. Bake (tasty) bread from scratch.
  16. Prepare a mango properly, don't just hack at it.
  17. Learn to quickly finely chop vegetables.
  18. Make a rainbow cake.
  19. Find my go-to chocolate cake recipe.
  20. Carve a pumpkin.
  21. Try oysters.
  22. Pick strawberries.
  23. Eat fish and chips on a beach.
  24. Learn to consistently cook rice properly.
  25. Use every single item of cooking equipment I own (not necessarily all at the same time!).
  26. Make macarons.
  27. Learn to cook five fish dishes (not shellfish).
  28. Cook a new dish from every recipe book I own.
  29. Bake something new from every dessert/cake book I own.
  30. Bake a gluten-free cake which actually tastes good.
  31. Ice a cake using proper icing.
  32. Make sushi.
  33. Make a flavoured alcoholic drink.  Done!
  34. Make elderflower cordial.
  35. Branch out from own-brand tonic water.  
  36. Get a job.
  37. Develop in said job - more responsibility, promotion etc.
  38. Get a paper based on my PhD thesis published.
  39. Have said paper referenced by another paper.
  40. Earn another Girlguiding licence or qualification.
  41. Attend a large-scale residential event for Brownies.
  42. Attend a large-scale residential event for Guides.
  43. Go on my first Rainbow sleepover.
  44. Attend a leaders-only Girlguiding event.
  45. Seriously plan a visit to Our Chalet.
  46. Earn my 100 nights away badge.
  47. Get camp blanket up to date.
  48. Visit a maize maze.
  49. Visit a new country.
  50. Go on a weekend away with Mum.
  51. See a West End show with Mum.
  52. Explore the south of England.  I live here, yet don't really know it.
  53. Day trip to Brighton with Ben.
  54. London sightseeing with Ben.
  55. Afternoon tea at The Orchard Tea Rooms in Grantchester, in the summer.
  56. Afternoon tea at a posh hotel in London.
  57. Visit Hadrian's Wall.
  58. Visit The Eden Project.
  59. See the Giant's Causeway.
  60. Visit Bristol and surrounding area.
  61. Visit the Isle of Wight.
  62. Visit York.
  63. Walk a llama or alpaca.
  64. Visit the Llama Karma Kafe.
  65. See another Shakespeare play at The Globe.
  66. Eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  67. Donate my 25th unit of blood.
  68. Grow a plant from a seed and actually keep it alive.
  69. Have a go at clay pigeon shooting.
  70. Milk a cow.
  71. Blow some glass.
  72. Seriously think about buying a house.
  73. Acquire two kittens (this depends entirely on acquiring own house first!).
  74. Declutter, and stay decluttered.
  75. Learn how to play poker.
  76. Learn how to use a sewing machine.
  77. Sew something.  Anything.
  78. Regular clean-up of emails, junk mail, Twitter, Bloglovin' etc.
  79. Develop the Post Pals Twitter account - aim for 2,500 followers.
  80. Build a snowman.  Out of real snow.
  81. Send at least five more parcels to Knit-A-Square (1 posted 16/02/15, 2 posted in November '15)
  82. Get a cat to sit in a circle.
  83. Learn to juggle.
  84. Host a dinner party.
  85. Take part in a murder mystery game.
  86. Scuba dive again.  Ideally somewhere warm.
  87. Swim in the sea.
  88. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  89. See sunrise and sunset on the same day.
  90. Meet more of Ben's friends.
  91. Meet my friends' babies.
  92. Meet some real owls.  Hold one.
  93. Turn my Guatemalan coffee sack into a coffee table.
  94. Start a new address book.
  95. Have something made just for me.
  96. Attend (at least one) belly dance class(es) again.
  97. Get back into BookCrossing.
  98. Reach a total of 50 sent postcards on PostCrossing.
  99. Spend New Year's Eve somewhere new to me.
  100. Make or buy a cake stand.
  101. Vote in all elections and have a better understanding of who I'm voting for.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Now I just need to get on and do them!

  2. I joined Post Crossing after reading this and my first postcard has just arrived at it's destination! Looking forward to receiving my first :)

    1. Oh brilliant! Isn't it such a lovely idea? Hopefully your one will arrive soon - it's very exciting!


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