Another wedding blanket

Another friend getting married has to mean another wedding blanket!  My lovely, lovely friend K was planning a November wedding and I asked her earlier last year if she would appreciate a blanket.  I know not everyone does appreciate handmade things but K said that she and her partner would love one, and so I got planning.  I was asked to use blues and greys, two of my personal favourites, and so this was quite an easy blanket to plan.

Having just made a knitted blanket, and knowing how long that took me, I knew this one was definitely going to be crocheted.  I went with the Attic24 hydrangea stripe pattern, mainly because I haven't made this one before.  The pattern is incredibly straightforward, easy to remember, and so off I went.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Cream, Duck Egg, Storm Blue, Silver, Gey, Graphite.  I can't remember how many stitches were in my foundation chain, I just kept going until it was the width of our king size bed.  I forgot, though, that crochet stretches as it grows, and so this blanket has ended up being quite a bit wider than I intended.  Anyway, bigger is better!

This blanket soon became not very portable, but was a lovely project to work on in the autumn as it kept me warm on the sofa!  I was very good and sewed in the ends as I went.  However, the wedding deadline was getting closer and closer and I wasn't quite finished.  I kept measuring it on our bed but it always seemed to need just a few more repeats.

In the end I finished this the night before the wedding!  We were staying in a Travelodge, and I'd brought along wrapping paper and a gift bag, sellotape and scissors so I could wrap it there.  I was not going to bed until it was done! Thankfully, only a few more stripes were needed, then another row in the darkest grey at the top so it matched the bottom, before a thin border of the same grey.  Voila, one blanket!

I sewed in all the ends and took some photos in the morning before we went out for breakfast.  Apologies for the quality of the photos, Travelodge rooms aren't known for their excellent natural lighting.  I then wrapped it up and put the bag by the door so I wouldn't forget it.

I do like a blanket all rolled up!
Ben and I got in the taxi and were about halfway to the wedding venue when I realised I had indeed forgotten it.  Argh!  I apologised to K at the wedding and we hatched an elaborate plan to get it passed along between friends and colleagues until it reached her.  After the debacle with last year's missing baby blankets, I'm not keen on posting handmade things any more, especially not ones of this size!

Overall, I enjoyed making this blanket - the colours are some of my favourites, the pattern is easy to remember and it has a lovely texture.  I had a message from K last week saying that she finally has it, and they love it! I'm always thrilled when something I've made finds such a good home.  May it bring the newlyweds plenty of warmth and comfort.

Strawberry Bellini? Don't mind if I do. Just the one.  Or maybe three.  Five?

The desserts were pretty amazing.


  1. Amy, that blanket is INCREDIBLE! Those desserts also look amazing, the more the merrier for me as far as mini puddings go!


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