Another blanket for another baby

Last year, my penpal Gemma got married and I made her and her husband a blanket as a wedding present.  Apparently they loved it (hurrah!) and I had plans to make a smaller one if they ever had a baby.

Fast forward about a year, and I get a letter saying she's pregnant! Within a matter of days, I'd started on a blanket for the baby, as I conveniently had all the colours I needed in my stash.

The pattern is Flowers in a Row and as I wrote before, it is easy to memorise and grows very quickly. At one point I stopped to put it on my bed and think about how much bigger it needed to be, and realised that as soon as I finished this repeat of six colours it would be done!  A three-row border and then it was ready for photographing on the washing line.

I also made a little cardigan - this pattern is Jeudi, I've made three now and love them.  They handily take just under a 50g ball (this is Drops Baby Merino) so are very convenient and a bargain price, too!  In August I spent a week visiting friends in the north east and this was the perfect portable project.

No, I had not blocked this.
I love the bright red colour, and I know Gemma is a fan of this shade too!  I didn't have any red buttons, but I did have these lovely rainbow ones.

They are ever so slightly a bit too big for the button holes, but they still fit through and that's the main thing!

The blanket and cardigan were packaged up and posted up north - always a worry after the case of the missing baby blankets back in May!  But these arrived safe and sound, and the mum-to-be loves them!  I can't wait to see photos of the baby using them when she/he arrives.


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