#photoanhour - 27th August

It's been a while since I've managed to turn these #photoanhour photos into a blog post...here are my photos from this weekend:


A cup of tea and some holiday planning - off to Morocco with Ben and Iceland with 16 teenagers.  Suggestions for both much appreciated (alcohol-free suggestions for Iceland, please!).


Bit of knitting on this tiger rug.  By the end of Sunday I'd finished this top half, so now I 'just' need to sew both halves together and add all the facial features!  On track for the December deadline.


A spot of reading.  I've owned this book for ages, but it's always stayed at my mum's house and never made it to live with me.  I picked it up when I was there earlier this month, and I'm really enjoying it.  One of those books I shouldn't have waited so long to read!


The postlady brought excellent post.


Off to our favourite charity shop warehouse, in my car.  Vikki's daughter had this frog finger puppet, I admired it, and one found its way into my Christmas stocking.  (I also have a ladybird on a pull-cord thing that her son had when he was very little indeed...I seem to covet her children's toys!)  This frog lives in my car and, according to Vikki, entertains me on long journeys.


On Instagram I posted a photo of the three books I bought (for £1) but it's not happy at the moment and won't go the right way up, so here's another photo I took, to send to Vikki to show just how much there is in this warehouse.  White plate, anyone?


Went into Chichester to do a few errands.  The cathedral spire is rather pretty against that blue sky.


I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Intarsia using double stranded chunky yarn on 15mm needles is not easy.  You can't wind it on to bobbins as you would for a thinner yarn, so really there's no option for keeping it all neat and tidy.  I had each ball in a bag on the floor, and then would just let it all get in a knot for a few rows before having a swearing and untangling session.  I do love this tiger, but seriously, if I ever suggest making one again, do point me in the way of this blog post.


I popped round to a Brownie leader's house to countersign some cheques for her.  Her allotment is producing quite a lot at the moment, so I came away with a carrier bag of green beans, some courgettes, and a custard white petty pan squash.  Obviously.


Just before bed and I reached the final quarter of the tiger! Just the two hind legs and tail to go.

So, once again I failed to take a photo every hour, but I managed quite well!  A lovely day of pottering about and tigrine tangles.

Joining in with Jane and Louisa.  Thanks for organising!


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