Hexagon baby blanket

Another friend expecting a baby requires another blanket.  I find crocheting much quicker than knitting, and I've knitted several baby blankets recently (the ones that got lost and their replacement) so decided it was time to crochet one.  I had lots of Stylecraft Special DK left over from the chevron blanket(s) and searched Ravelry for inspiration.  I wanted a slightly more portable project, although I knew this would mean more ends to sew (in as I go.  Ha).  

In the end, nothing really excited me on Ravelry, then I saw Sandra's hexagons but wanted a slightly different look and went for granny hexagons instead.  I can't remember the exact tutorial I used (especially for the half hexagons) but I've just googled 'granny hexagon patterns' and there were plenty of results.

I did four rounds for each hexagon and then a final round in cream (I have so much cream from this blanket), joining the hexagons at each corner.  There are eight colours and I had no plan as to what would go where, I just kept going.  There are half hexagons down two sides of the blanket but I left the other two pointy.  I did try and sew in the ends as I went along, and I did do quite a few when I was just crocheting the centre bits and leaving the cream, but then I fell behind and had millions to do at the end.  I never learn.

I had just sewn in the very last end when I realised that the last half hexagon I'd done was the same colour as a hexagon next to it, so I took that out.  I was beyond the point of being delicate with a needle, so I just cut it out.  With scissors.  Ben queried why I was cutting my crochet, but I just wanted the damn thing out, and my sewing up is too good to be easily unpicked.  Quicker and easier to just cut it, pull the teeny bits of yarn out and crochet a new one!

I didn't count how many hexagons there are, I didn't measure it, and I can't tell you how much yarn I used.  Oh well.  It was a quick project (except for all those ends) and it looks bright and colourful which is what I was going for.  It will be on its way to its new owner soon (delivered by hand, not courier!).


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