Chevron baby blankets

Last month I reported on the case of the missing blankets.  Sadly, these are still lost.  I've been refunded my delivery charge and given £25 compensation.  Which is better than nothing - it more than covers the cost of the yarn.  I'm still arguing with them as they won't refund my friend's £9.54 she spent calling their premium rate phone number to arrange redelivery of the parcel she wrongly received - they're saying she didn't have to call the premium rate number, I'm saying that as I was told to tell her to call their 0844 number that afternoon, and we followed those instructions, it's hardly fair to ask her to pay for a mistake (the wrong delivery) which was entirely theirs.  Anyway! That debate continues.  On to the blankets!

This is the missing blanket:

I went for a muted rainbow in Stylecraft Special DK, I can't remember where I saw this rainbow online, which is really bad of me, I'll keep trying to recall the blog!  It's Chevron Baby Blanket and I'd seen photos of one Rachel had made - the pattern was soon downloaded and printed off!  I used DK rather than Aran simply because that's what I had, and made it a bit longer and wider than the pattern suggested.  It's a great pattern, two rows repeated, and easy to memorise.  I decided to do interlocking chevrons just to add a bit of interest.  It was blocked, photographed, wrapped up, sent off, and lost.

On to the replacement!

I didn't want to make exactly the same blanket again, so I went with a different rainbow.  This one uses colours suggested by Heather although I used different yellows as I didn't have the one she suggested but did have about five others from which to choose.

I made it a chevron wider than the original and added two rows to each colour.  This was because I was originally going to use eight colours, not nine, so needed more rows to get the length, but then I used two yellows rather than one (who plans these things in advance?) so in the end I didn't need to do that, but I don't think it matters.  I prefer this blanket to the original, both its colours and size.  It's been blocked, photographed, and sent off via the courier known as my mum who came to stay over the bank holiday.  A safer and cheaper option, I feel!  


  1. Ouch! Losing anything through the post is painful, but a handmade item even more so! Thank God for Mums!

  2. They're both so pretty! Sorry the first one went missing.


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