Photo an hour - 20th February

This Saturday was #photoanhour and got off to a very good start when I woke up, as I found Ben had been shopping whilst I slept and so my breakfast was going to be more exciting than cereal.

8am: maple pecan bun thing.  Yummy.

9am: For Christmas, Mum bought me the two Edward's Menagerie crochet books - they are superb.  This is my first finished animal, Sophia the Flamingo for Vikki.  Look at how she slouches on the heater!

10am: I've had a bit of a cold recently, so 10 o'clock was time for more tea to wash down the paracetamol.

11am: judging by the blanket over my legs in the 10am and 11am photos I don't think I moved very far!  I started my second animal, Blake the Orangutan, again for Vikki. I am not a fan of fur stitch, although it is very clever.

12pm: I got up, and had a shower, and got dressed! I like my bee socks, continuing with the animal theme so far!

2pm: back from errands in town, lunch of roasted butternut squash, spinach, gnocchi and goat's cheese.

3pm: on Sunday my Guiding district held an event to celebrate World Thinking Day - I was organising it (different people organise it every year - I wrote about the 2014 event here) and so I had a few last minute bits to do on Saturday afternoon.  Like make a trefoil out of a pipe cleaner.  

4pm:  more Thinking Day stuff.  The girls would be doing four different activities and collecting a bit of circle (below) they could connect at the end.

6pm: Wrapping presents for Mum's birthday which need posting this week.

7pm: Ben and I were off to the theatre.  We needed to leave at 7.15.  At 7.10 I was ready to go, and sat on the sofa to do some reading as Ben still needed to have a shower and get dressed.

An early 8pm: we made it to Chichester Festival Theatre in time.

9pm: A spot of reading in the interval.  

I was feeling pretty rotten by the end of the show and so we came straight home afterwards - I was in bed and asleep within minutes!

Thanks, as always, to Jane and Louisa for organising.


  1. That flamingo is so cute! I hope you're feeling better now and that you've managed to get rid of your cold. It seems to be coughs and sniffles season at the moment!

    1. Coughs and sniffles are indeed everywhere! I'm feeling much better now thank you :-)

  2. Bee socks! Wow, so jealous. I LOVE everything bee!

  3. Thank you so much for all the crochet! I love the flamingo, it's gorgeous. I shall have to repay the favour once I've submitted. I am currently wondering whether creme egg brownies would post...

    1. I've sent gingerbread shapes in the post before.

  4. Your breakfast looks yummy and I love the flamingo! Hope you're feeling better by now :D

  5. That is the cutest flamingo I've ever seen! I have many pairs of animal socks, but no bees, I feel like my life is missing something without them!

    Ah, you have an old Kindle, I had one too and then it died in December whilst we were in the States... I was a sad day! I'd had it for years and years.

    What the book like, The Trouble With Goats and Sheep, I totally judge all books by their cover and title, so this instantly peeked my interest?

    ~ K

    1. I've had my kindle for about five years now..I'm hoping it holds out for a bit longer! Goats and Sheep is good, I'm about a third of the way through and ought to get a wriggle on.

  6. I will echo everyone else's comments - love that flamingo!

    I've heard good things about that book, I shall have to check it out!

    Thanks for joining in, as ever :)



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