'Caesarian Sunday'

Today's #BEDM topic is 'self care Sunday'.  Today is also 'Caesarian Sunday' and I am glad not to be in Cambridge.

I grew up in Cambridge and absolutely love the city - I love showing people round, I love the history and the buildings, I love the river and the green spaces.  Growing up with the world-famous Cambridge University on my doorstep (or my doorstep probably was Cambridge University - add up the colleges' assets and they pretty much own the entire city) that was how I thought university should be.  Whilst I now know there are other types of universities around, and that different people are suited to different universities, I always knew I'd end up at a traditional university (and when I had to choose which Durham college to apply to, it was no mistake that I specifically chose one with gowns).   

Before the exams start, though, there is Caesarian Sunday.  Exams start next week and so today is the last day for a 'blow out' (according to Cambridge News, the estimable local paper).  These students will be wearing fancy dress, drinking to excess and playing daft games, all on the beautiful Jesus Green in the city centre.  Jesus Green is basically a big field by the river, used by families, dog walkers, tourists, cyclists.  It is a shortcut from residential areas to the city centre.  It is busy.  Give it a few hours (I'm writing this in the early afternoon) and it will be littered with rubbish, empty bottles, more rubbish, more empty bottles, and quite probably a bit of vomit.  Every year there are complaints about the event, from local residents, the police and the University.  The Colleges have apparently asked students not to attend, but for some reason, students ignore this polite request.

Legend has it (and Cambridge University is steeped in legends) that once upon a time, a member of Girton College's drinking society stole a bottle of Pimm's from a member of the Jesus College Caesarians.  The bottle was then thrown at a group of Caesarians, challenging them to fight.  So now, every year, the President of Girton's drinking society downs a bottle of Pimm's and then invites the Jesus drinking society to a fight.  Lovely.

Each to their own.  I'm quite happy to be reading on the sofa, drinking tea and eating an apple.


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