Annoying things

Yes, I realise that many of these annoying things here are very definitely first world problems, but I thought I'd share them, just to get my annoyance off my chest.
  • Cars coming towards me at a roundabout, and not indicating to exit, so I could have gone.
  • In a pretty much empty car park, someone parking right next to my car, usually the driver's side, even when I've parked nowhere near the shop's main entrance.
  • Going to take a sip of tea, to find that the mug is empty.
  • Putting a load of laundry in the machine, turning the machine on, then turning away from the machine and realising the one thing I actually wanted to wash fell out of the basket and is currently on the kitchen floor, not being washed.
  • Being in a long, slow-moving queue in a shop, with people who seem surprised that they have to pay when they get to the front and then spend a while rummaging in the depths of their bag for their purse, and then having another rummage for a bag.
  • People who use about six paper towels to dry their hands - I can do it with one, please can we think about the environment?  Here's a TED talk.
  • "Is it Miss or Mrs?" "It's Dr" "Oh, we don't have that as an option, would you prefer Miss or Mrs? Or Ms?" If you want to address me by my title, then please have a broader selection than Miss, Mrs, Ms.  Or if you don't want to use my correct title, just use my first name.
  • Christmas products in the shops in September.  I love Christmas, and I am a big fan of most Christmas food (except mince pies - hate them) but I think October is the earliest it should be displayed, and that's at a push.
  • Sitting down on the sofa, with a cup of tea, getting all comfortable with cushions and blankets and then realising the one remote control I need is not within arm's reach, so I have to leave my cosy nest to get up.  Then not being able to get as comfy as I was before.
  • People writing could/would/should of rather than have.  It makes precisely no sense.
So tell me - what's been annoying you?


  1. I am constantly fighting that last one with my Year 6 class at the moment. I also feel your frustration with the people at roundabouts who seemingly cannot drive!

    1. I don't envy you that classroom battle! I limited myself to one driving-related annoyance, otherwise it would just have turned into a rant!


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