Blankets for a bride and (two of) her bridesmaids

Back in 2013, one of my best friends, B, got married - I was one of her three bridesmaids, along with S and C, two of her friends from school.

Excitingly, B and S are both expecting babies later on this year and we know that C is hoping to have a baby soon.  B knew I was going to make a blanket for her, and commissioned me to make similar yet different blankets for S and C.  I was intending to make a rainbow ripple for B, and so asked for colour suggestions for the other ones.  B asked for purple for S and blue for C, and so that is what I went with.

All the blankets are made in Stylecraft Special DK, following Attic24's Neat Ripple pattern and with a starting chain of 126+3.  They are on the generous side for a baby blanket, but I am very much in the school of thought that you can never have too big a blanket.  The rainbow ripple has 70 rows (two rows for each colour in each repeat).

Lipstick, Spice, Citron, Meadow, Aster, Lavender, Violet.
The purple and blue ones have 80 rows (again, two rows for each colour in each repeat), with five colours in each blanket.  All three blankets have a border of dc stitches down each long side - the purple and blue blankets have the same colour as the first and final rows, but the rainbow one has cream as I didn't want to use red as that would upset the rainbow order!  Each blanket used less than one ball of each colour (annoyingly, I didn't weigh them, and didn't start with full balls of each colour, so can't really guess!).

Plum, Grape, Violet, Wisteria, Lavender
Empire, Turquoise, Cloud Blue, Silver, Cream
I haven't delivered B's rainbow one yet, but I gave her the other two when I saw her last month.  Later that week, I had a message from her confessing that she and her husband liked the blue one so much, they wanted to keep it, and would I mind? No, not at all!  So they've kept that one (as well as the rainbow one they'll have eventually, and another blanket I've made for them!) and B's sent me more money to make one for C which this time will hopefully actually make it to her! It's going to be green, and I've already made a start on it. 

I thoroughly enjoyed making these blankets - and I hope the babies and parents they end up with enjoy using them too.


  1. What lovely gifts! I'm sure they will love them & get lots of use out of them.

    1. Thank you! I hope they're used and enjoyed by all the families.

  2. I love all three. I am torn between wanting to commission one and learning how to create myself (I received a crochet book for Christmas but yet to venture into the skill) in time for the next friend to fall pregnant. What an excellent and personal gift.

    1. By all means you can commission one, or do it yourself! Crochet really isn't that hard to pick up - there are lots of videos online and Attic24 has excellent photo tutorials of most, if not all, of her blanket patterns.


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