Recently, I've...

...been doing lots of things, mainly a lot of work and not as much reading and knitting as I'd like.  But it's now a six day weekend  (long live university closure days!) so I'm intending on catching up with things.  In the meantime, here are a few photos I've taken recently.

As a District, we celebrated World Thinking Day - we had over 40 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in our Guide Hall and we had a great time.  One leader made this fab cake.  As I organised the event I was allowed a corner piece - extra icing for me!

We asked everyone to bring a donation for the World Thinking Day fund, suggesting 10p per year involvement in Guiding.  This gets rather expensive for the adults!  We collected just under £65 which was excellent.

I went to a Brownie leader's house for dinner, we made these little paper stars.  Cute, but fiddly.

I've been sewing my backlog of badges on to my camp blanket - this is the second side of my second blanket and is nearly full.  Think I need to buy a third one soon!

I went away with work for a conference - normally conference lanyards are dull and boring, but this beaded one was beautiful.  The conference had large screens around the venue which were showing tweets using the conference hashtag - and I did smile whenever this photo came up!

I bought these Guiding magnets - they have old branding on them, but the words are important and still the same!  Now I just need to make room on the fridge.

I spent a weekend at home as Mum and I went to see Sarah Millican (who is brilliantly funny).  Treacle the cat is utterly gorgeous, but pricks her ears back whenever a phone or camera comes near her, which does make her less photogenic.  I still love her though.

I finished a pair of socks which I'd started on the way to the conference.  They were given to a friend who described me as 'ridiculously talented' when she posted them on Facebook.  I'll take that!

Vikki sent me post - sweets, chocolate, books, a present for a friend (which I couldn't get locally).

With Rainbows we went to the local library - we've spent this term on our 'Get Healthy' roundabout badge, we've learned about keeping our bodies healthy, banishing germs and this week we kept our imaginations healthy by reading and enjoying stories.  I was so pleased to see how excited the girls were about going to a library, and lots of them had brought their library cards with them so they could take some books home. 

Now I'm off to start knitting a tiger...that's my one and only plan for the Easter weekend!


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