Commissions - giving and receiving!

I love handmade and homemade.  Homemade cakes taken into work for birthdays (we had several birthdays in the department this week, which I won't complain about!), handmade cards, handmade Christmas presents.  Yes, admittedly, it's often cheaper to go to a shop and buy an item rather than buy the craft materials, but when handmade is good, it is very good.

I've had a few items recently made just for me - I wanted a specific item for my mum for Christmas, Vikki recommended a seller on Etsy and I had a look at the items.  I found the sort of thing I wanted, but I wanted it to look a bit different.  A few messages back and forth and a fortnight later the item is in my hands, just as I had wanted! I'll divulge more after Christmas.

Last month the amazing dressmaker that is Char made some drawstring bags for me so I can more neatly store all my knitting and crochet projects - I gave her a few different sizes and said I had no particular choice about the fabrics used, other than that I hate dogs and I really don't want a project bag with dogs on.  Having stayed with her, and seen first hand the incredible collection of clothes and shoes she has, I knew her fabric stash would produce some excellent bags for me.  It was a win-win situation really, I got some lovely bags and she made a teeny weeny dent in her fabric stash.  Her price was very reasonable and she has taken commissions for all sorts of things - she is one talented lady!

I do feel pleased when friends ask me if I can make them something - I like that they think I'm good enough.  I'm currently making a blanket for a friend to give to a friend expecting his first baby next year (can you say that? Or do you have to say 'whose girlfriend is expecting a baby next year'?).  Lots of bright colours and a super-easy pattern to memorise so I got lots of rounds done yesterday when I was binge-watching Masterchef Australia (so much better than the UK version!).

Earlier this week I had an email from my stepmother asking if I could crochet some sausages.  Of course!  Obviously, the internet has patterns for this sort of thing, I used this pattern (although I sewed the sausages together rather than use buttons) and in a couple of hours made this string of sausages:

A string of sausages - please excuse the dirty hobs!

I love it! I'm still not entirely sure *why* she wanted a string of sausages, I'll see if I can find out!

And of course, the baby blanket and yarn is being stored in one of my bags from Char.  I do so love handmade!

Edited to add:

Apparently the sausages are for a reminiscence box - there are a team of people putting together memory boxes on a variety of themes, so elderly people and their families and carers can use these boxes to trigger memories.  The sausages are for a person who has lots of sausage-based memories (I don't know the details, but I presume they used to work in farming or in a factory) and obviously you can't put real sausages in a crocheted ones it is.  Isn't this such a lovely idea?  I'm even more pleased with my sausages now!


  1. haha I LOVE the string of sausages!!! jenny xx

  2. Hi Amy!!! Your post reminded me about your lovely christmas card with an handmade snowflake <3!!! what do you think about doing it again this year? have you still got the same address?

    1. Sounds good! I am at the same address - can you please send me yours?

  3. I'm always slightly stunned when people think I'm good enough to make something for them. I've just done a pregnancy cushion (think a long cushion, a bit like a giant draft excluder, for the bump to rest on) for a colleague whose wife is an artist and designer, so in return I got a lovely print (plus costs). Perfect barter system!

    1. I like bartering - a good exchange of skills going on there!

  4. Haha! The sausages look great but yes, I am V.intrigued about what they are for! The bags your friend made look great, need to make myself something like that, there are balls of wool all over the shop in my room!


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