Photo an hour - 26th September

This weekend I took part in #photoanhour organised, as ever, by Jane and Louisa.  

8am: Off to a wedding! The blanket I'm crocheting for them as a present isn't quite ready (only about 10 rows to go!) but there is a card for them.

9am: Pretty dress (worn for four weddings now - the benefits of having friends from lots of different social groups!) and pretty shoes, plus a few scars on my left shin from various Guide camps this summer and flipflop tan lines on my feet.  A great combination!

10am: On our way to the ferry port.  Holly was concerned about the weather for a wedding in late September, but I don't think she could have asked for anything more!

Spinnaker Tower - look at the sky! Just look! Ben and I sat on the sun deck of the catamaran and it was just lovely.

11am: We arrived in Ryde, Isle of Wight.  Off on a hunt for an all-day breakfast.

12pm:  After our breakfast, we went to find some postcards and an Isle of Wight magnet to add to our growing collection of fridge magnets.  I do like being by the seaside.

1pm: looking at the street art near the bus station.

Early 2pm: Just about the go in to the church! We had got off the bus at the wrong stop, about 20mins' walk from the church.  A stranger gave us directions then kindly offered us a lift as he didn't want us to be sweaty in our wedding finery! Thank you very much to that kind man, we promise to pay it forward.

3pm: And they're married! A lovely service and lovely dried flower confetti.

4pm: As brides go, this one is looking beautiful. Holly and I met when we spent our gap year volunteering in rural South Africa.  We're still in touch with the teacher who looked after us whilst we were there, and I've sent him this photo.

Not a bad view for a wedding reception, it has to be said!

6pm: Tea and wedding cake.  I've just noticed that you can just about make out the shadow of my fascinator on the table cloth, I wondered what that was!

7pm: Well, that didn't last long!

The bride and groom departed around half seven and Ben and I left shortly after to get the ferry back to the mainland before driving home.

10pm: I do love dressing up in pretty dresses and pretty shoes but I also love my pyjamas!

Massive, massive congratulations to the bride and groom, wishing you all the very best for the years to come!


  1. What a lovely day for a wedding, and what a beautiful setting. I love slipping into my PJs when I get home too (in fact, I'm wearing mine now!)

  2. Yay what a fun day! You got home pretty early though, I'd still be dancing away (or sleeping at the table, both are pretty likely ;))

  3. I just bought this card for my brother's wedding! I love Happy Jackson stuff.

    1. It's a good card! I bought it quite a while ago when I first saw it, and had to have a bit of a rummage last week to find where I'd put it in the flat!


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