Photo an hour - 18th July

Saturday 18th July was this month's #photoanhour.  A day of pottering about, getting various bits and pieces done, featuring quite a bit of crochet.


A cup of tea in bed, listening to my favourite podcast.


Still in bed, although just about to get up.  I'm crocheting squares for a blanket, and whilst I do love these squares, changing colour every round does produce a lot of ends to sew in!


Breakfast or elevenses.  Tea in my favourite mug and toast and jam.


This beautiful quilt was made by my grandmother decades ago - I've finally washed and aired it, and can't wait to use it.  Beautiful things like this mustn't be hidden in a box!


Another square for the sky blanket.


Ben's bought quite a lot of plants for the balcony recently.  We need to be patient, the fruit trees won't produce fruit for 'at least' two years according to the label...we just have to try and keep them alive for that long!


I received this postcard this week as part of the Sunny Sweet Pea postcard swap 2015.  Lovely!


Ben's had a bit of clear-out recently, so that's motivated me to get rid of some stuff too.  Which judging by the date on the bag I've been meaning to do for the past ten months...


I missed five o'clock, but here's a cup of tea just for me.


Butternut squash, red pepper and coconut milk curry.  I can only cook a few vegan dishes and this is my favourite!


There aren't many Maltesers left.

9.30 :

Sewing up some of the squares from earlier.  Each one is being edged in a final round of cream so I can join them as I go.


In bed with a book.  I'd changed the bed sheets earlier so I had the double joy of clean bed linen and a new book.  Not sure it gets much better than that!

As ever, thanks to Jane and Louisa for organising.  Here's to more cups of tea at four o'clock and a book at bedtime!


  1. Your patchwork quilt is sooo beautiful! I like all your crochet too :)

    1. Thank you - I love the quilt so much. You know when you have such fond memories of something and you hope the real thing is as good as you remember? I'm so pleased my memory didn't fail me here!

  2. Getting into bed made with clean linen is one of the purest joys life brings! I said this on Instagram, but the quilt your gran made is amazing; so, so beautiful.

    1. Clean bed linen is the best feeling ever. I remember Oprah Winfrey once saying she changes her bed linen every other day. Which is possibly a tad excessive (think of the laundry!) but part of me doesn't blame her!

  3. Really loving the crochet. I really need to learn! I actually bought a mini crochet blanket ( more the size of a large hanky! ) on Sunday. Much cheaper to get my arse in gear and learn i'm sure. :)

    1. It's not too hard to learn - I was given a book and then followed some online tutorials. Worth the effort, definitely. Although yarn addictions can become rather expensive...!

  4. So much creativity, I love it! I love Maltesers too mind you... :)

  5. No Such Thing As A Fish is one of my favourite podcasts too. I usually listen to it when I'm getting ready for and walking to work. That's a lovely colourful blanket! Ooh is that the NetGalley book, what was it? This Is Where It Ends (checked my Kindle). Any good? Wait, you might mention it in your reads post. :)


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