Day Zero Project - update #1

Back in January I set myself a Day Zero Project, to complete 101 things in 1001 days.  You can see my list here.

Here's a quick update as to how I'm getting on - some are in progress, others are finished:

4.  Crochet a sky blanket

This is in progress and I absolutely love it.  Photos of the first quarter of the year are here.

5.  Go to a large-scale yarn-based craft fair

In March I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show with Mum and between us we spent quite a bit of money.  I also have plans to go to Yarndale next year with a friend.

8.  Complete any jigsaws we haven't already done

Done! Completed and donated to charity, so decluttering too!

12.  Find my collection of Christmas biscuit cutters.

Done! They were in a box of craft stuff I hadn't unpacked or even looked in since we moved last summer.  They're now in the kitchen so I'll be able to find them this year.

25.  Use every item of cooking equipment I own

In progress.  I have a growing collection of Le Creuset which I love, and just need to learn to branch out in my cooking so I can use them more often.  Which links with...

28.  Cook something new from each recipe book I own.

In progress.  Two books have gone to charity, as I like the types of food in them but they didn't really inspire me to actually make anything.  I made these honey cupcakes from a South African cookery book.

36.  Get a job.

91.  Meet my friends' babies

I've now met all the babies belonging to my close friends.  I'm leaving this as 'in progress' though as I'm confident there will be more friends' babies to meet before the 1001 days are up.  Quite possibly siblings of the current babies!

101.  Vote in all elections and have a better understanding of it all

I voted in the General Election earlier this month and did have a pretty good idea of what was going on.  I live in a very safe seat, so my vote wasn't going to make much difference - however, it is so, so important to vote.  I wrote about it here.

I think that's pretty good going.  Now that I have a job, and an income, I can start planning to cross off a few more things.

Is anyone else doing a Day Zero Project?  I love having a look at people's lists!


  1. I love reading people's progress on these lists! I'm slowly plodding through mine (planning an update on my progress soon) It feels so good to tick things off them doesn't it?!

    1. It feels very good indeed! I love seeing what other people are doing and how they're getting on...hope you've been ticking lots off!


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