Photo an hour - Saturday 21st March

Last weekend saw this month's #photoanhour - here's what I got up to (sort of):

9am - a spot of reading in bed with a cup of tea.  Book was Ratburger by David Walliams, not my favourite book by him but an enjoyable way to start the morning.

10am - as I was making the bed, I deliberated over whether it is now sufficiently spring enough for me to no longer need my hot water bottles.

11am - on the phone to electricity supplier complaining about our enormous electricity bill.  I spoke to two ladies who were genuinely helpful and knew what they were talking about.  An electrician is coming out next month to sort stuff out.

12pm - my sky blanket is coming along beautifully, even if I do say so myself.  Despite being sunny (= yellow) all morning, it clouded over at midday so I added yet another white square.

1pm - off to the Guide hall for our District Easter Fair - this is one of my favourite tins (it's such a good size) and even more of a favourite when filled with ginger biscuits.

2pm, 3pm, 4pm I was at the Guide hall surrounded by children so no photos.  I was also busy selling raffle tickets, eating cake and congratulating two of my Brownies who were awarded First Place for their flapjack and coconut macaroons.

5pm - back home, in my lounge pants (definitely not pyjamas) with a cup of tea and catching up with some magazine reading.  I have three issues of National Geographic waiting to be read and Travel Africa.

Not quite sure what happened after this, there is a distinct lack of photos and I definitely didn't go to bed before 6pm!  I blame a lapse in memory!  My evening was spent reading, updating people on the electricity situation, more phone calls about the electricity, and drinking more cups of tea.

Do have a look at #photoanhour on Instagram and Twitter - it's great being able to see what people are up to, especially if you like photos of cups of tea.

Thank you to Jane and Louisa for hosting and organising, I will try to remember to complete the whole day in April!


  1. Yay, thanks for taking part! I know what you mean about the hot water bottles, we've been umming and ahhing what to do about the extra blankets and when to change the heating schedule on the boiler. Hurry up spring I say! :-) xx

    1. The hot water bottles have stayed, this weekend has been rather cold! It was gorgeous and sunny for most of last week, but it's been grey squares for my sky blanket yesterday and today!


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