Speedy Stamps - on behalf of Post Pals

Whilst I am hunting for jobs, I have the time to do lots of volunteering.  Need to keep busy, and do something worthwhile with my 'time off'!

As I've mentioned before, I've been volunteering for Post Pals for a couple of years now, and have been in charge of their Twitter account (@postpals) since earlier this year.  I've wanted to gain more followers, engage with people more, and basically spread the word.  Did you know that Post Pals accepts donations of used stamps?  So far this year we have raised £542.16 by selling used stamps.  There's also a talented lady who makes jewellery from ring pulls (those from drinks cans as well as from food tins) so she'll happily accept donations of ring pulls.  The jewellery is either sent as a gift to one of the Pals, or sold with the money raised going back to Post Pals (I have added 'find a photo' to my to do list).

I saw on Twitter that a few craft bloggers had received personalised stamps to review from Speedy Stamps.  I thought there would be no harm in asking if Post Pals could participate, so I sent an email, and got a quick reply back from a very helpful lady called Emma.  Yes, they would be happy to send us a stamp, if I could send them the logo.  I sent her a copy of the logo, she changed it to a line drawing, and then after I reviewed the proof it was in the post the same day.  Speedy was exactly what their service was, I do like it when companies do what they say they're going to do!

The packaging is very straightforward, with a cut-out section at the top of the box - clearly not really necessary for me with just the one stamp, but I can see how this would be useful if you have more than one.  

The stamps are self-inking, stable, and incredibly easy to use.

I quickly started stamping any available paper (and there's a lot of that on my desk).  The smile on the child's face doesn't come out particularly well, but that's down to the logo, not the stamp.  The stamps are 3cm x 3 cm and are £17.81 each.

After the stamp had arrived, I emailed Emma to say thank you.  She asked if there were more volunteers, and if so, did I want some more stamps.  Yes, please, and thank you!  She sent different colours, red, violet and green.  The green doesn't come out very strongly, so I'm pleased there are two violet ones as that's the colour I think looks best.

I've posted the stamps off to different volunteers - Vikki, the lady who started the charity, and a couple of other ladies who send a lot of post.  Whilst of course such a stamp is in no way essential to the charity, it's going to be good having a stamp on envelopes and in the postal system, raising awareness of this small charity.

So thank you again to Emma and Speedy Stamps, for helping us to hopefully raise awareness and helping more children to smile :-)

I was sent these stamps free of charge, in return for an honest review.  All thoughts, opinions and photos are, of course, my own.


  1. Oh that's a great way to raise awareness of Post Pals! I will consider Speedy Stamps for all my stamping-needs (currently none to few, but who knows, right?!).


    1. I have no need for any stamps, really, yet I kind of want quite a lot...there is some child-like satisfaction in stamping a whole row on envelopes!


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